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Welcome to Baby If you've been searching for a good baby game to share with your little one, or if you simply enjoy a various assortment of baby bathing games, dress up games, and baby care games, then you've made it to the right place! Among our huge baby game selection are seven Baby Hazel games for the best all in one place. So feel free to check out all we have to offer, and prepare yourself for a whole lot of cuteness in the baby games below. To be short and sweet, we have every kind of baby game that you would possibly want to play, so scroll down and choose your favorites. Thanks for visiting our site, and we'll see you back here again soon!!!


Baby Fun Bathing
In this baby game, you actually get to give the baby a bath and a makeover before you dress her for the day. Make sure the baby stays happy throughout each level!
Toys for Tim
Timmy will tell you what toy he wants from his room. Collect the two pieces that make up the toy he asks for in order to get it to him before time runs out in this baby game.
Baby Escape
Navigate your baby through each level without being seen by the adults and try to make it to the exit to escape! Don't lose your lives and don't run out of time.
Rebound Bubble
Shoot your smaller bubble at the larger bubbles at the top of the screen that has the fuzzy little guys in them. Your baby will love the music and the bright colors!
Panda Jump
This is a really fun Chinese baby game where you bounce a baby panda into the air to get fruit and other prizes! Don't let him hit the ground and get hurt though.
Dino Babies
Dino Babies are hatching left and right! Click and drag food and drink to them as it comes along, then put the babies to sleep!
Jurassic Baby Care
Take care of up to six baby dinosaurs at one time by giving them what they ask for. Be care though because each item is used differently in this dino baby game.
Cute Baby Daycare
Take care of all the babies. Make sure they have everything they need, and don't let them cry or you'll be that much closer to losing this baby game!
Baby Care & Cure
In this baby game, treat the babies within the time limit to earn money and buy new items. This will make the clinic better and allow more kids to be cured!
Picnic Dress Up
There are two babies in the park who need clothes! Make choices for each baby by clicking the icons at the sides of the screen in this free baby game.
Cute Baby Care
Bad things have happened since the last game, so after nursing their wounds, they are off to save the world again!
Baby Outdoor Bathing
It's bath time! Use different soaps, shampoos, other bathing accessories, and toys to make sure baby has a good time during his bath outside in the baby pool!
Mommy Cares
Help Jocelyn take care of her baby brother, Alex, for her mom. Perform many different tasks with the mouse like finding hidden toy parts, straightening the bed, and playing with a rattle.
Match Match Baby
This is a really funny Baby Game where you type in the names of two parents, pick a skin color and see what the baby is going to look like, its favorite toy, and food. Very cute indeed!
Baby Bathing
This is a cute Baby Game where you choose how to give the baby a bath! Customize the bathtub, the rug, and give the baby floaty toys. Show your baby pretty fireworks at the end!
Helen's Baby Boutique
Help Helen run a baby supply store by clicking on the correct merchandise for each customer before the time runs out!
Suzie's Babycare
As the babies appear at their seats, give them what they ask for from you inventory as quickly as possible to reach the next level! The levels will get more difficult.
Baby Hazel Fun Time
Babysit Baby Hazel for her mom by changing her diapers, feeding her, and playing with her to make sure she stays happy. Remember to keep her from crying!
Baby Hazel Bedtime
Help Baby Hazel as she gets ready for bed with her teeth, shower, storytime, and other routine bedtime tasks. That song sounds oddly familiar!
Baby Hazel Skincare
ITreat Baby Hazel's wintry dry skin with a bath, creams, and other ointment. Be sure to do it all without making her cry though! This is a cute baby game!
Baby Hazel At Beach
Pack Baby Hazel's bags for the beach with all sorts of fun and pretty things, and take her to the beach for a day's worth of fun baby activities.
Baby Hazel Hair Care
Cut Baby Hazel's hair, treat her dandruff, and give her a bath to make her happy again! Be sure to make sure she does cry in this baby game!
Baby Hazel Goes Sick
Take care of poor Baby Hazel while she's sick. Give her the right medicines and try to keep her as happy as you can while she gets better.
Baby Hazel Gingerbread House
Help Baby Hazel build a really neat gingerbread house by repairing the house, making a swimming pool, Christmas tree, snowman, and a little gingerbread girl!
Baby Clothing Dress Up
Click, drag, and drop adorable outfits, shoes, and hair accessories onto the toddler in this Japanese baby game for your little one.
Baby Car
This is a cute coloring baby game that allows you to fill in the different parts of the picture with your baby and print them when you're done or before you start!
Ello Robot
Help your baby color this neat little robot online or print a blank copy and let him go to town with a crayon! Babies really like the music that goes along with this one too!
Kenny The Tiger Dress Up
Kenny the Tiger is patiently waiting for you to choose any number of ways to dress him up! Choose his hat, shades, eyes, and more in this baby game.
Whitey the Polar Bear Dress Up
Whitey happily poses for you so you can choose her hats, toys, and even her fur color along with other things in this free baby game.
Baby Lion Dress Up
Dress up the baby lion in silly ways while listening to cheerful piano music in this free online baby game.
Panda Baby Dress Up
Give the panda baby any number of combinations of hats, hair, clothes, and other fun toys and such. She sure is a cute little bear.
Baby Dragon Dress Up
The title explains it all in this fantasy themed baby game. Customize your baby dragon, print your creation, and entertain your baby well!
Bunny Dressup
Dress and accessorize this bunny and his room with your baby while listening to children's music. You can even give him a car to ride in, ha ha!
Lovely Baby Dress Up
Choose the baby's outfit and other customizables including the background or hit the randomizer to see all different combinations.
Posh Baby Dress Up
This is a cute baby dress up game that lets you choose very fancy clothes as well as other frills to cuten up this baby!
Star Baby Dress Up
Enjoy a starry theme as you dress up this little baby girl and choose from many common categories of clothes and decorations for her.
Fairy Baby Dress Up
This cute little baby fairy wants you and your baby to dress her and make her even cuter! This is very fun and easy to do!
Little Angel Dress Up
Little Angel Dress Up is a paper doll baby game where you choose this little angel's wings, halo, wand, etc! Your baby will love this one.
Rainbow Baby Dress Up
Flowers, clouds, and rainbows keep you company while you dress this little one up with all kinds of fun stylings. What will you come up with?
Flower Baby Dress Up
As you may have guessed, this dress up game feaures a baby surrounded by pretty flowers who is ready for you to decide what she's going to wear for the day!
Forest Baby Dress Up
Trees, toadstools, and little bugs accompany this little one as she waits for you to figure out just the right things for her to wear around the forest.
Zodiac Baby
Choose from a number of constallation themed clothes and things as you listen to a lullaby and baby coos and giggles in this cosmic baby game.
Summer Baby
Of course, we have a summer themed dress up baby game here, featuring a big-eyed baby girl. Make your choices and click "ready" to print or save your work!
Kiss My Baby
This baby will be so cute you want to kiss him after you dress him up in these animal themed outfits! Click "show" when you're done to see him in his room playing.
Sweet Baby Cuddles
Mommy is tucking her sweet little baby in for the night and needs help dressing him. On this baby game, you even get to change his facial expressions!
Aliyah's New Crib
Little baby Aliyah just got a new crib today! Make her as cute as can be by dressing her for her first night's sleep in her new place. It's cute how the bubbles fly around!
Baby with Teddy Bear
The cute little baby is sitting in the living room. Show how it's supposed to look like from a number of choices. You even get to put a hat on the bear.
Baby Dason
Babysit Baby Dason by moving her around the nursery! Organize her toys or bring them to her. This is a good one to get your baby's attention for sure!
Playing Children's Slide
Dress up the crazy little girl as she goes zooming down the slide. You get to choose from a lot of cute clothes on this baby game. You even get to change the slide!
Swing Time
A boy and girl are swinging at the fair and need clothes. Click the icons to make your choices of what kind of play clothes you're going to give these little ones!

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